This Was Easy to Do and Made Our Place Look Really Good

My wife came inside a few weeks ago and asked me if I realized how badly our house needed a washing. I must admit that, in years past, I had been pretty good about hosing the house off whenever I thought about. But I had gotten older and a bit lazier over the years, and I had become a bit of couch potato. I knew she wanted to paint our home, and to do that, it needed to be cleaned. So, that very weekend, I decided to look at pressure washer reviews so that I could get the work done.

I could have rented a washer, but after my wife pointed out what needed to be done to the house, I noticed other things needed to be cleaned as well. Our deck had never been stained or sealed, so the wood hat turned a very dirty grey. It also looked like it had some sort of fungus growing on it, Our driveway and the stone path around our home did not look much better. I knew that everything would need a good cleaning.

Setting up the washer was easy enough. I only needed to buy a special type of soap and degreaser to mix with water. Then, you pour some of it into the container on the machine, turn on the water hose that you connect to it. After that, you are ready to start. It is quite satisfying, I have to say. You can see just how well it takes away all the dirt and grime. I feel like it took years off of our house and all the surrounding areas. It made things feel happy and good looking again. Even my kids came out to help and wanted to take turns working with cleaning everything so that my wife could paint later.