Spam Where It Shouldn’t Be

Recently, my inbox was getting a lot of spam messages, even though I had a spam folder set up. I contacted to have them do something about it, and they told me that they would look into the issue. It turns out I wasn’t alone, as a lot of other people were getting the same kinds of messages. A few people were unfortunate enough to open these messages, and they got some pretty nasty viruses on their computers. One even got a ransom virus that threatened to delete all of their personal information if they didn’t pay a sum of money to a random person.

I was contacted about the spam in my inbox, and the support staff said that they fixed everything and any spam messages that had made their way into my inbox were automatically taken away. Although this experience was handled easily, it was enough to scare me into getting a more advanced form of security software. I didn’t feel that my software at the time was well equipped enough to handle something like a ransom virus. I don’t have money to give to random people who make threats over the Internet, and my files are too important to lose.

I would normally use a free security package because I felt that paying for one was a waste of money, but I’ve changed my entire stance on this. You get what you pay for, and if you want the best security, then you have to pay for the best. The same company that makes the free version of the software offers a paid package that has more features to deal with some of the most recent threats. The only thing I really don’t like is that you have to pay for a new license each year, instead of it carrying on forever.