Somebody Was Being Mischievous with Our Central Air on the Hottest Day of the Year

The sun was directly overhead at noon. No one was outside on that Saturday mowing lawns, pulling weeds or even having a barbecue. It was just too hot. I knew that any company doing air conditioning repair in NYC was out in full force making the best of the hot weekend and all the broken air conditioners. I know this firsthand because we were one of the families that called to have our central air system fixed. It was a scorcher. We talked about my wife and kids going to a hotel and me staying at the house. We knew we did not want to sleep another night in a hot house with no AC or fans.

The tech for the company that does air conditioning repair in NYC called us back and said he would be by in about three hours. He was working his way back to their office doing calls as fast as he could. There was one other person ahead of us, and he knew they needed a new compressor. He said he had it on the truck, and he was working as fast as he could. I really admired their commitment to serving customers. I told him that if he gets a call from an elderly or disabled person, that he should take them first. I was going to send the wife and kids to a hotel and stop down at the local department store and buy a fan.

I was sitting in front of the TV set with a big glass of iced tea and the fan on high blowing in my face when the doorbell rang. The air conditioner had came on just a few seconds before the doorbell rang. The tech was at the door. He said he turned the shutoff switch back on out by the AC unit. He said that it did not have a lock on it, and that it was obvious that someone just pulled the red handle and shut it off. I could not believe it. The hotel cost almost $200, and the fan was almost $50. I never thought for a second that someone would pull the disconnect on the power box for the central air unit outside. Now it has a lock on it.