Our Best Meal in Singapore

My wife and I decided to go to Singapore for our annual vacation last year. Neither of us had been there before, and the pictures were nothing short of amazing. She took care of the travel arrangements, and we worked hard so we could take ten days off and enjoy ourselves there. The first day, we spent mainly on the beach. We did a couple of tours the second day, and we felt like we were at home by the third day. We had found a great Spanish restaurant in Dempsey Hill on our third day while we were out exploring, which is how we often find the culinary treats that we have come to expect on our vacations.

We have eaten at Spanish restaurants before, but this one was by far the best ever. The entire place made us feel welcome as soon as we walked in the doors. The tables all had some privacy, and we were given our drinks and a bread basket right at the beginning. The bread, by the way, is outstanding, and we ended up getting an extra basket of it. There were so many really tasty items on their menu that we had a hard time picking what we wanted.

We knew we were going to start with a tapa, and we decided to split it since we also wanted dessert. We ordered the Foie-gras Terrine Cookie, which was four pieces of duck on a pastry with apples. I have never tasted anything like it, which is why we went back a few more times! For dinner, she got the House Cured Salmon Salad, and I had the Black Cod. We had just enough room left to share a chocolate coulant, which was cake, berries and ice cream. It truly was the best meal of our entire time there!