Medication for Poor Sexual Performance

My wife and I have not been having sex very often recently, and part of the recent is that I have been experiencing a decline in my sexual passion and interest. I do not know what is wrong with me, but it is very disconcerting, and something that I hope is not permanent. I want to find some sort of treatment for this problem and I want to get Vig-RX to try it out and see how it helps with my bedroom woes. One of my other problems is that when I am filling in the mood, I am not lasting nearly as long, and my performance has declined significantly.

I know that my wife is getting very frustrated by all of this, and she needs a lover that can give the sort of attention that she needs in bed. I am not able to do that right now and it is quite embarrassing to me and a huge source of personal shame. It is a problem I need to remedy, because I fear she might leave me at some point if I am not able to turn things around and to start performing like I used to.

I have no idea what changed with my body to cause this to happen, but whatever it is needs to be fixed. Hopefully this medication will do the trick for me and I can get to performing like I used to, or maybe even better than I used to. That would be pretty cool, but anyway, I am going to try to figure out how much it costs to buy this drug and figure out where I can buy it from. I want to start taking it as soon as I can to see if it will work for me and increase my sexual performance.