It’s Time to Let Go

Everyone always asks me if I want to keep their old garbage, and I usually accept it, but my garage had become too filled with it, and I had barely any room to get around. Some people would say this is the same level of collecting as a hoarder, but I didn’t think it was that bad. Regardless, I needed more room, so I decided to sell some of my metal garbage. I found the best scrap metal prices from a particular person and traded my metal away for cash. I had been wanting to buy a new tablet, and the extra money allowed me to do that.

I was using the tablet to read some books before bed one night, and I came across one book about hoarding. The first thing that came to mind was the mass of garbage that I had collected in my garage. Although I had traded some of it away, there was still a lot of it left over. The book talked about the signs of being a hoarder and how to get rid of the garbage that I had been collecting over the years. The book suggested that I was holding onto the garbage to compensate for something.

Thinking back, I first started collecting the garbage when my grandfather passed away. I remember keeping some of his items that he gave me, and that spun off into other things being collected. I guess I was collecting things to help me deal with the loss of my grandfather. I worked up enough courage to get rid of all the things that I had been storing for so long. I kept my grandfathers items, but made a promise to myself not to hoard anything else. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.