I Wondered What This Cream Was

I did not really know what this stuff was when I saw on my friend’s vanity, but I went and searched for Pink Daisy cream on my phone and I figured out that it is something that they call an intimate bleaching cream. I was pretty much taken aback by the entire idea of the thing, which is that they use the stuff to bleach around the more private parts of the body. In essence it bleaches the parts of the body people cover up when they go to the beach, if they do not wear bikini tops. So this stuff is used around the vagina and around the anus and the penis. Of course I am not thinking too much about trying it, because just as I would have suspected it is not going to be a very pleasant experience. Anything that is strong enough to actually lighten the skin is going to be strong enough to have a real effect on you.

The reviews on Amazon dot com are quite clear on this, the stuff burns exactly like I thought that it would. In fact I read a lot of reviews and many of them said that the stuff did not work, enough that you wonder about the others which were exactly the opposite. So that makes stop and think about who is on the other side of the keyboard. It is really possible that you are reading stuff that is little more than a paid ad, but that is something that you have to consider any time that you hunt for a service or product on the web. The people who want to sell you stuff have figured out what they need to do to get the best pitch that is possible on the web. Obviously when they fail, that gets out too.