I Guess Cats Can Eat Peanuts

We were just not paying attention really. There was a can of salted peanuts sitting on the end table beside my easy chair. At any rate the cat lives in that chair any time no one is there to shush him away. The thing got in the peanuts while I was not paying attention and it ate more than a couple of them. SO I had to go on the web to ask can cats eat peanuts safely. The answer is nuanced just like a whole lot of other things in the world. The cat may be able to eat the peanuts just fine, I think that most of them are not allergic to them. If the cat starts to poop all over the place and vomit, then that means that it is allergic to the peanuts. Of course you apparently should not be giving the cat peanuts very often, because they are full of fat and cats do not really digest fat all that well. That is the basis for a lot of the problems that animals have with the foods. Rather than being an allergy per see, instead they simply can not process it well.

In this cause the cat had no real problems. He is already too fat though and we are trying to put him on a diet. That is not so easy. You have to make sure that there is not any food left out. It will jump on the table or the counter almost right in front of you. Beth is never going to do anything about that and I doubt that I can really make it afraid of me. If you leave any food out where it can get to it, then the thing is going to get hold of it and eat it.