A Tattoo to Honor My Friend

I have never really cared for tattoos before. It isn’t that I thought they were unsightly, because I have seen some really nice ones. I was just not the type to want one for myself. My thinking on that changed a few years ago when my best friend was killed in a shooting. I wanted to honor her memory, and the best way I knew to do that was by having her favorite scripture tattooed on my arm. I had to find the right place to do it though, which turned out to be a Long Beach tattoo parlor called Port City Tattoo.

I wanted to make sure that the parlor that did it is a reputable one that uses only the best inks and needles. I have heard horror stories of tattoos, and I did not want to become a statistic like that. I also wanted a tattoo artist who would be able to give me exactly what I wanted. I have seen some tattoos that were words like what I want, and it wasn’t even readable. I wanted friends and family to instantly be able to read the ten words that I wanted inked on my skin.

I also wanted them to be smaller. Just because I finally wanted a tattoo didn’t mean that I wanted it to be a large one that covered the length of my arm. While it is ten words, I still wanted it to be small and tasteful. When I finally went through with it, I was beyond pleased with the results. The artist went above and beyond, and I know that my best friend would be pleased as well. I look at those tattooed words every day, and it means that not a day goes by when I don’t think about her. She is beyond worthy of that tribute!