A Chip in the Tooth

While eating a delicious pork chop at a restaurant one day, I chipped a tooth on a piece of bone that broke away from the chop. The pain was excruciating, but I was still able to finish my meal. I took some aspirin to ease the pain and went home to sleep it off. When I awoke the next morning, the pain was back again, and it was worse than ever. I looked for the best Grand Rapids dentist who could take an appointment on the same day that it was made. I found myself wishing that I had ordered the chicken breast instead.

Once I found a dentist, I jumped in the car and made my way to his office. I didn’t take any aspirin this time, because I wasn’t sure what kind of medicine the doctor would give me before taking care of my tooth, and I didn’t want it interacting with the aspirin. Driving to the dentist office without any kind of pain relief was aggravating. I wanted to just yank the tooth out and toss it out the window, but that would have caused me more pain than what I was already feeling.

The dentist took a look at my tooth and saw the damage that had been done by the piece of pork chop bone. A piece of the tooth had come off, leaving a little bit of the inside exposed. The tooth wasn’t damaged enough so that the nerve endings were exposed, but it was still in bad shape. The dentist had to mix up a special filling to put in the chipped area. Once the filling was applied, he held a light to the tooth to instantly set the filling in place. The pain was gone, and the dentist didn’t have to do any intense work to fix the tooth.