Monthly Archives: May 2016

This Was Easy to Do and Made Our Place Look Really Good

My wife came inside a few weeks ago and asked me if I realized how badly our house needed a washing. I must admit that, in years past, I had been pretty good about hosing the house off whenever I thought about. But I had gotten older and a bit lazier over the years, and I had become a bit of couch potato. I knew she wanted to paint our home, and to do that, it needed to be cleaned. So, that very weekend, I decided to look at pressure washer reviews so that I could get the work done.

I could have rented a washer, but after my wife pointed out what needed to be done to the house, I noticed other things needed to be cleaned as well. Our deck had never been stained or sealed, so the wood hat turned a very dirty grey. Continue reading This Was Easy to Do and Made Our Place Look Really Good

A Tattoo to Honor My Friend

I have never really cared for tattoos before. It isn’t that I thought they were unsightly, because I have seen some really nice ones. I was just not the type to want one for myself. My thinking on that changed a few years ago when my best friend was killed in a shooting. I wanted to honor her memory, and the best way I knew to do that was by having her favorite scripture tattooed on my arm. I had to find the right place to do it though, which turned out to be a Long Beach tattoo parlor called Port City Tattoo.

I wanted to make sure that the parlor that did it is a reputable one that uses only the best inks and needles. Continue reading A Tattoo to Honor My Friend

Spam Where It Shouldn’t Be

Recently, my inbox was getting a lot of spam messages, even though I had a spam folder set up. I contacted to have them do something about it, and they told me that they would look into the issue. It turns out I wasn’t alone, as a lot of other people were getting the same kinds of messages. A few people were unfortunate enough to open these messages, and they got some pretty nasty viruses on their computers. One even got a ransom virus that threatened to delete all of their personal information if they didn’t pay a sum of money to a random person.

I was contacted about the spam in my inbox, and the support staff said that they fixed everything and any spam messages that had made their way into my inbox were automatically taken away. Continue reading Spam Where It Shouldn’t Be